AFTESummit is an annual conference and exhibition dedicated to connecting businesses, investors, governments and innovations in Green energy, clean technology and efficiency for a sustainable future in Africa.

AFTESummit will bring together thousands of decision-makers, investors, experts, policy-makers, more than 3000 consumers and media from more than 50 countries to source cutting-edge technologies, network with solution providers and do business in the summit and beyond.


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Day 01 / September 28

  • 9:00 am
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Day 02 / September 29

  • 9:00 am
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Sheraton, Abuja

Ladi Kwali, Street, Sheraton, Abuja, Abuja, Nigeria

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September 28 - 29, 2018, Sheraton, Abuja
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We regret to inform you that this year’s Africa Future Tech & Energy Summit 2021 scheduled for 5 – 7 August 2021 has been postponed until further notice, due to unforeseen circumstances.




I will like to thank you all, my team, family and sponsors for your tremendous support. When we set out to organize Africa Future Tech and Energy Summit, we had wanted to physically and effectively better people’s lives. The farmers who battled to grow healthy foods and make a decent living, the homeless and displaced people around us, the neglected communities exposed to the impacts of insecurity, climate change and bad governance, we wanted to deliver a revolutionary event that touched every facet of life and changed people’s lives forever.




Although we were disparaged and mostly ignored by many governments, development banks, agencies and companies especially those destroying our planet with plastics, crude-oil, chemicals, deforestation etc., yet we were undeterred. About 8 billion people, billions of animals and plants depend on a sustainable Earth; we either protect it collectively or perish beneath natural disasters caused by climate change and human actions.




We have not changed our stance since 2018 when we started that the world, especially Africa, needed to be fixed and people deserved a better place to live. We never in our widest dreams foresaw a pandemic let alone one that has killed 4.14 million people worldwide, and natural disasters that have ravaged billions around the world.




I’m personally sorry that we couldn’t make it happen for you and the 10,000+ people around the globe who registered for this event. We know things will get worse if everyone on Earth don’t act collectively and quickly towards a sustainable world. We just couldn’t pull it off this year against these terrible odds but we’ll try again next year.




I thank you for your patience, help and support. Stay safe and remain blessed. If you wish to support us in future, please let’s start talking at




Permit me to leave you with a list of insightful topics, programs and solutions we had planned to put in your hands:





Future of Energy: Clean Renewable Energy & Technology, No Fossil Fuels.

Crude Oil, Coal, Uranium etc., destroys our Planet.


future of energy




Future of the Internet: Cyber Security, Data, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Clean Tech.


The internet has created great innovations yet its prone to Censorships & Cyberwars like the Spyware on France President Emmanuel Macron’s phone.


Future of the internet





Future of Education: Virtual Technology, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics.


No class room, No teacher, No paper – enter Virtual Reality learning from anywhere.


future of education





Data & Cloud: The Myth, Your Identity, Invisible Data & Benefits.


Is my Data safe in the Clouds or Space? NO, its on Earth somewhere in a Data Center filled with computers that can be affected by erosion, earthquake, wildfires etc.


Data & Cloud




Future of Security: Autonomous Security, Data, Human Rights & Laws, Mass Employment, Surveillance & AI.


“I see everything but can’t fight poverty with guns or jails” – Spyware. Know your Government, Data, Devices, Laws & Protect yourself.


future of security




Future of Food: Solving Food Insecurity, Mobile Food & Modern Agriculture.


No Lands, Zero-Pesticides, Less Water – Grow food sustainably anywhere.


future of food




Future of Health & Wellness: Overt Science Secrets, Telemedicine, AI & Robotics.


Healthcare when, where and how you need it. Control your health. Healthcare for all is Human rights.


Future of health & wellness




Climate Change: The Myth, The Scam & Nature’s Wrath.


If you thought Climate Change was a scam, check the news now!


Climate Change




Mental Health: “Colo-Laws”, Diagnosis, Therapy & Technology.


Countries like Nigeria still use the Colonial Lunacy Act of 1958, these laws have not been amended since.


mental health





Future of Homes: Solving Homelessness, The value of Life, Laws, Sustainable Living & Technology.


Safe, affordable and decent Housing for all is a Human rights.


future of homes





Future of Water: Recreate, Recycle, Reuse & Decentralize Water, Laws & CleanTech

Water is the Source of Life and a Human rights not a commodity.


future of water




Open Governance: Decentralized Laws, Data, Resources, Security & Sustainability.


open governance




Equity: Hacking Gender Equality, Disability, Ignorance & Corruption.

Equity for all is Human rights.






Art & Culture: Stolen Heritage, Identity, History & Crypto-Art. Bringing back Africa’s stolen treasures & creating digital ones.


Art & Culture




Digital Economy: Cyberspace, Digital Money, Blockchain, Social Media, Digital Laws & Technology. Grow wealth by localizing Data & empowering Talents in-house.


digital economy




History: Transatlantic-Slave-Trade, Colonization, Nuclear Bombs Dropped in Africa, Genocides, World War 1 & 2, Civil Wars & Forbidden Truths.








Future of Work: Virtual, Artificial Intelligence, Laws, Decentralized Jobs & Robotics.


future of work




Future of Mobility: Electric, Autonomous, Decentralized, Laws, AI & Robotics.

Accessible mobility for disability is a Human rightsfuture of mobility





Africa Future Tech & Energy Summit (AFTESummit) 2021     POSTPONED    Nigeria
Africa Future Tech & Energy Summit 2021 Virtual Edition